Furry Sweets


Furry Sweets is created for and by pet lovers. Our goal is to share the best homemade treat recipes for pets of all sizes and species. All recipes are provided by dedicated pet owners.
This website was created by Megan Boland who is a pet lover herself.
She dedicates this site to all the pets she's ever owned and loved: Sam, Daisy, Cookie Dough, Billy, Speedy, Angel, Willy, and Shadow ♥

Pet Statistics

Number of Pets Owned in the U.S.
Type of Pet Total Number (millions)
Cat 94.2
Dog 89.7
Bird 20.3
Small Animal 14.0

Food Expenses for Dogs and Cats
Expense Dog Cat
Food $235 $235
Treats $72 $56

Data provided by American Pet Products Association